ChampionSip: Iced Coffee (July 1-31)

Sixteen coffees. Thirty-one days. One big winner.


It’s summertime, and the sippin’ is easy!

Let’s celebrate the warmer temps with cooler coffee!

Use this Iced Coffee ChampionSip Guide to learn about our sixteen contestants. Get out there and try all of the coffees! Tag your photos on Instagram and be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card to your favorite coffee shop.

Watch our Instagram page for more features and watch our stories for the individual match ups beginning July 17!

Sippin’ on Sixteen: July 17-24

Icy Eight: July 25-28

Pour of Four: July 29-30

ChampionSipper: July 31

Anti Gentrification Coffee Club

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The Gold Brew

The drink that tastes exactly as the name implies. The (*sips drink*) “Uhmmm, yo what is in this?!” beverage.

Every customer

The brew so fye your favorite rapper needs it before every show. Cxffee is the seed of an African fruit, and it should taste like it. The Gold Brew is brewed with Japanese Flash Chilled Guji Mane Coffee and a splash of their secret sauce.

761 National

Monday – Friday 7a to 10a, 2p to 4p

Belltower Coffeehouse & Studio


Peachy Keen

Bali roasted iced coffee with a spicy Grand Marnier syrup swirled with condensed milk and a splash of peachy sweetness. The perfect summer pick-me-up!

525 & 529 S. Highland Street

Monday-Saturday 7a to 6p, Sunday 9a to 5p



La Chaleur de L’ete

Starts with a shot of espresso poured over Colombian coffee ice cubes, married with a Mexican ancho chocolate cream. Topped with smoked whipped cream and garnished with a salted pecan crumble.

545 S. Main (Inside the Central Station Hotel)

Everyday 7a to 2p and 4p to 10p

City & State


Brazilian Iced Coffee

Crafted by barista Hannah Pitner, this is the C&S take on a traditional Brazilian iced coffee made with a blend of Brazilian coffee, date syrup, and sweet cream. Subtle notes of rosemary and cinnamon really elevate the overall experience and highlight the coffee’s natural flavor notes. The result is a sweet and refreshing iced coffee that is perfect for even the hottest summer day!

2625 Broad Avenue

Monday-Friday 7a to 6p, Saturday 8a to 6p, Sunday 8a to 2p

Coffee Central


Iced Goldilocks

A delicious blend of summer and spice. Goldilocks is an oat milk latte with maple spice and coconut extracts added for a surprisingly smooth iced summer drink!

39 W. Commerce, Hernando, MS (Monday-Friday 7a to 8p, Saturday 8a to 9p, Closed Sunday)

5627 Getwell Road, Southaven, MS (Monday-Friday 7a to 8p, Saturday 8a to 9p, Closed Sunday)

Dr. Beans

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

Blackberry Basil Coffee Soda

A sweet, effervescent coffee soda with house made blackberry and basil reduction, seltzer and a cold brew topper.

387 S. Main (Inside Stock & Belle)

Sunday-Wednesday 8a – 5p, Thursday-Saturday 7a to 6p

French Truck

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

New Orleans Iced Coffee

French Truck’s coffee and chicory cold brew elixir, shaken over ice with milk and simple syrup.

1350 Concourse Avenue (Inside Crosstown Concourse)

Daily 8a to 3p

Inspire Community Cafe


Aloha, Piña-co-latte!

Transport yourself to the islands with Inspire’s “Aloha, Piña-co-latte!” limited-time-only iced coffee drink special. This decadent and refreshing drink is made with a double shot of chilled espresso, housemade pineapple-infused syrup, a mix of Loco Coco coconut cream and unsweetened coconut milk, topped with fresh hand-whipped coconut cream and a dusting of crushed macadamia nuts, garnished with a fresh pineapple wedge, raw coconut flesh, and a Maraschino cherry.

510 Tillman Street

Tuesday-Saturday 10a to 7p, Closed Sunday & Monday

Jojo’s Espresso


Iced Toasted Almond Coconut Latte

Crafted using Vice & Virtue espresso and a toasted almond coconut simple syrup, this latte is number one among customers. See for yourself!

Various locations (check social media for schedule)

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 6a to 9a

Muggin Coffeehouse

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

Bougie Ain’t It

There is iced coffee and then there is “Bougie Ain’t It.” This is iced coffee accented with orange peel, graced with sweetened cold foam, and the lightest dusting of ginger.

1139 Brownlee

Monday-Friday 6a to 4p, Saturday 8a to 4p. Closed Sunday

Retro Coffee & Donuts


The Frothee Coffee

A dark Costa Rica Nitro Cold Brew with cocoa notes combined with a rich caramel sauce and sea salt frothy cream. Tastes like a caramel coffee milkshake!

Follow them on Instagram to see the week’s schedule.

Square Beans

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

The Southern

Barista Ellie Beard created this summer signature iced coffee made with Grade A Maple syrup,  a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt flakes, two shots of their signature espresso, half and half, and ice. The drink is then topped with whipped cream and another sprinkle of Maldon.

103 N Center, Collierville

Monday – Friday 7a to 6p, Saturday 8a to 6p, Closed Sunday

Tamp & Tap

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

Coconut Cold Brew

The signature house-kegged Nitro Cold Brew is poured in a chocolate-glazed cup with coconut and Tahitian vanilla, then topped with cream (or a variety of plant-based milks) is very refreshing – like something you’d enjoy on a beach!

122 Gayoso

Monday-Friday 7a to 2p, Saturday 8a to 2p, Closed Sunday

The Check-In

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

Cinnamon Roll Iced Coffee

Who doesn’t like cinnamon roll, right? This is a real flavorful, universal crowd pleaser made with the Guji Mane house roast, which is a Burundi blend. The strong kick of coffee with the sweet kick of the cinnamon roll makes it a top seller.

1798 Winchester Road

Monday – Friday 6:30a to 3p, Saturday & Sunday 6:30a to 2p

Vice & Virtue

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

Ethan Wants to Fight a Kangaroo

This riff on a classic “buck” or “mule” cocktail starts with a delicious single origin Ethiopian Sidamo Aroresa cold brew, paired with a house-made ginger syrup, and lime juice for a sweet and spicy one-two punch. Finished with a club soda topper, the drink is a refreshing kick sure to help you buck the dog days of summer.

477 S. Main (Inside the Arrive Hotel)

Monday-Thursday 7a to 4p, Friday-Sunday 7a to 5p

Voodoo Cafe

Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest
Championsip Coffee Contest

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee is Voodoo Cafe’s most popular menu item for a reason. This unique dark-roasted blend of Arabica and Robusta beans gives the coffee a strong, distinctive taste with hints of chocolate. It is served with sweetened condensed milk that also throws in hints of caramel, providing a perfect counterbalance for your taste buds. This coffee packs a lot of caffeine and will really get your juju humming.

2780 Bartlett Boulevard

Wednesday-Friday 7a to 3p, Saturday-Sunday 8a-3p, Closed Monday-Tuesday