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Breakfast Sushi

RecipesKong Wee Pang
Breakfast Sushi


Kong Wee Pang’s Breakfast Sushi

This “breakfast sushi” technique makes a Japanese omelet called tamagoyaki. Makes 1 serving


- 2 eggs

- 1 small handful chopped green onions

- Single package seasoned seaweed (Korean)

- Sea salt

- Black pepper


1. In small bowl beat eggs together with green onions, sea salt and pepper.

2. Heat makiyakinabe (rectangle-shaped frying pan), or regular small round frying pan, over medium heat. Add cooking oil of your choice to pan. Pour egg mixture into pan. When egg is beginning to set but is still wet, lay single layer of seaweed over egg mixture.

3. Using chopsticks, roll the egg and seaweed, shaping it into a log. When roll is cooked through, remove from pan, cool and slice into bite-sized pieces.

4. Serve with sliced cucumber, soy sauce, sriracha, or your favorite dipping sauce.