Replenish the Kombucha

Angel Jackson’s probiotic tea keeps customers asking for more

Known in ancient Chinese times as “the tea of immortality,” researchers say the origins of kombucha extend back over two thousand years. Although there’s no particular location of origin for kombucha, Memphis local Angel Jackson is ecstatic to have created her own brand, Replenish Kombucha, that’s currently selling out in food markets across the Mid-South.

Tragedy creates a new opportunity

“I came from a family where we really cared about what we were putting into our bodies.”

Her love of health and wellness was a genetic one, as her parents were extremely into herbal medicine. She combined her love of natural herbal remedies and took a leap of faith into part-time entrepreneurship, opening Replenish Cold-Press juice bar in Cordova in early 2015. However, after her mother-in-law passed away due to complications from diabetes later that year, it became a personal mission to help others with the same condition. “My mother-in-law’s passing really gave me reason to start digging into what could I do to help, but how?” she says.

After researching tirelessly, the pathways led her to close down her brick-and-mortar store and focus on making a new product, Replenish Kombucha.

Trust the Process

Having the perfect batch of kombucha takes at least 30 days. During this period, the sugary-based tea ferments with the help of a bacteria culture scientifically known as a “SCOBY.” A SCOBY (an acronym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”) is a jelly-like mushroom that transforms the tea into something bitter and sour. The bacteria and yeast eventually eat the sugar, creating a delicious, refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage that’s unbelievably low in calories.

With your first sip, you’ll notice a robust flavor packed with a natural sweetness that will leave you wanting more.

Although there aren’t any proven healing properties in kombucha, loyal customers of Replenish seem to think otherwise. While some say the gluten-free beverage boosts their immune system, others have testified that the tea has helped their digestive system.

“A lot of problems usually start in the gut, and my tea helps with detoxing that area.”

“I usually drink kombucha in the morning to give me a natural boost. It has a similar kick like coffee, but it’s healthier, plus it tastes pretty good if you ask me.”

The Future of Kombucha

While kombucha is a very popular product in a growing market, there are very few kombucha dispensaries in the South, creating a lane that Jackson dominates. She’s currently the only local kombucha brewery in Memphis. Her products tend to sell out as soon as she restocks them. “We currently sell at both Whole Foods locations, The Curb Market, Kitchenette at Shelby Farms, City Silo and at the Memphis Farmers Market,” says Jackson.

“I love coming out [to the farmer’s market] every weekend just to hang out and talk to people about the benefits of kombucha,” says Jackson.

“It’s good to know they are really interested and love something that I really put my heart into.”

Jackson has a huge desire to stock the shelves at Kroger and other local supermarkets as her product continues to grow in demand. “The sky is truly the limit,” she says. “What I’m grateful for is the love and support from Memphians. That’s what keeps me going. We definitely have some big plans in store, but in due time of course!”


Photograph from StyleBluePrint

Dalisia Brye is an award-winning publicist and CEO of Dollface Public Relations. She is also a social media strategist and marketing coordinator for several brands across the Mid-South.